Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 2007
Interfaith Ministries Support

For our December project, Arcadia Kids filled quart-size bags with beans and rice for distribution by Interfaith Ministries to poor families throughout the Valley. In addition, we collected three vehicles full of items to donate to the charity, including food, clothing, toys, books, and toiletries.

During recent projects we learned about Interfaith Ministries of Phoenix. This multi-organizational charity helps families that are trying to become self-supporting, recognizing that sometimes people must choose between paying rent and feeding their kids. Interfaith Ministries helps struggling families by giving them a few day of food, shampoo, soap, and used clothing, to help get them on their feet.

We toured the property and learned that one of the greatest needs is for used children's shoes - often kids are in bare feet, even in winter. The charity also told us that bagged beans and rice would be welcome. Just about anything we donate will be useful to these needy families. Last year the group served 60,000 families!!

Thanks to Sheila and Alaine Pimsner for organizing and leading this terrific project.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 2007
Candy 4 Coats

For our November service project, Arcadia Kids collected coats of all shapes and sizes for donation to Interfaith Cooperative Ministries, who, in turn, will distribute them to needy and/or homeless people in our city.

We collective over 150 coats, exceeding our goal of 100. That's 150 people (many children) who will be warmer this winter because of Arcadia Kids.

Every year, we hear about homeless people found dead in the cold right here in Phoenix. We're proud of the kids for choosing this project. They made a real difference in people's lives.

The November project was selected and is organized by Ethan Lipson and Sydney and Caitlin Hartman. For more information contact Joan Lipson ( or Nicole Hartman (


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 2007
Recycling Project

ArcadiaKids promoted recyling at Hopi Elementary School in October by providing recycling trash cans at the Hopi Chili Dinner. Recyling containers were dispersed throughout the courtyard and the kids reminded people to recycle their water bottle and other items. The kids also helped pass out beverages and provided a light clean up. Thanks to the Fisk and Leber families for planning the activity!


Monday, September 17, 2007

September 2007
Brighten Brighton Gardens

In September, Arcadia Kids helped Brighton Gardens, a local nursing home, by creating colorful artwork for the residents to hang on their walls. The kids also provided small prizes for Brighton Gardens' bingo winners, including hand lotion, crossword books, candy, picture frames and small stuffed animals. The kids also acted as Bingo "hosts" to help call the game at the home, hand out prizes, and assist the residents as needed. Thanks to Donna Wirtel for organizing this project!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 2007
Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL)

For our June project, we worked with the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) to select and adopt a dog for a month and create signs to draw attention to dogs in need of adoption. When people come to the shelter looking to adopt a dog, our colorful personalized signs on the dogs' kennels will help a dog get adopted. The signs draw attention to the dogs who have been in the shelter for a long time and they provide information about the dogs to the families considering adoption. You can see all of the dogs and learn more about the AAWL at

Since 1971, the AAWL has provided a temporary home for nearly 2,000 dogs and cats every year, offering medical and behavioral treatment for those in need. The shelter's priority is to take in adoptable animals from other shelters where they might be put to sleep and to care for them until each is adopted into a loving, lifetime home.

Many of the dogs in the shelter are older dogs and some have medical problems. The AAWL does not receive any government funding, but instead relies entirely on donations. The AAWL also maintains a wishlist of donations on their website at Arcadia Kids provided donations for AAWL.

Thanks to the Durchslag family for planning this fun event!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 2007
Soldiers in Iraq Letters and Packages

In May Arcadia Kids wrote letters and drew pictures for soldiers in Iraq. They also made donations for care packages and viewed a video about our soliders in Iraq.

Here is some of what they wrote:

"We are really proud of you for all you've done for us." Marcella
"My family is going to send you oreos and girl scout cookies." Elena
"You took a tricky risk for yourself, your family, and country." Sydney
"I live in Arizona. My hair turns green when I swim." Jamie
"All I have to say is thank you so so much for what you did for our country, thank you so much." Grace
"I hope you go down in history." Madison
"You gave millions of people freedom." Caitlin
"I hope the war ends soon so you can go back to your family. I think they
miss you." Donia
"Thank you for helping our country by fighting." Kyle
"I'm trying to be like you. I'm starting at Arcadia Kids." Gwyneth
"I believe in you." Alaine
"You've done a great thing for me and my country" Mikayla
"Sometimes I pray for you so you can win." McKenna
"Thank you for serving our country" Preston
"You're the best!" Nicholas
"Thank you for taking a big risk, and fighting to keep us free." (Not signed)
" I hope you can come back safely. I really thank God so much." Leighton
"We wish you will be safe!" Danny
"We all love you!!" Ben
Who knew there were so many beautiful ways to say "Thank you" Thanks to Whitney and Gwenyth Giller for organizing this great event!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 2007
Fresh Start Women's Resource Center

On April 20, 2007, about 20 Arcadia Kids went to the Fresh Start Women's Foundation in central Phoenix to drop off donations and clean the center's classroom tables. Fresh Start holds classes and workshops year-round, and the tables needed some attention. The kids first marched through the center to the nursery to drop off donated toys, games and books. The kids and staff in the nursery thanked them. The group then got a tour of Fresh Start and learned how the center helps women become self-sufficient.

Then, they got to work. Pairs of kids carried tables out to the parking lot, where they scrubbed them with soap and water. Then, they dried the tables and carried each one back into the center. It was quite a scene.

Finally, Fresh Start volunteer coordinator, Donna Martin, gave each helper a Fresh Start coin pouch, and thanked them for their work. She talked about the importance of community service and said they were welcome back anytime.

The event was organized by Ethan Lipson (and mom Joan) and Sydney Hartman and Caitlin Hartman (and mom Nicole). Thanks also to the parents who came along to help out with such a fun and successful event.


Monday, March 05, 2007

March 2007
Beautify Hopi Elementary

On Friday, March 16th, Arcadia Kids worked to beautify Hopi Elementary School in Phoenix. We replanted pots, picked up litter, weeded, raked, picked some citrus, and did other things to help beautify the campus.

Thanks to the Riley family for arranging the event and providing flowers and potting soil, etc. For more information contact Diane and Grace Riley at


Monday, February 12, 2007

February 2007
Reading at Phoenix Day

In February the kids read to the pre-k class at Phoenix Day, a center which provides free childcare for working parents who cannot afford it. Their thematic unit for the week was the letter F and friendship, so the kids read related stories. We had so many volunteers that the kids were able to read one-on-one or even two-on-one with the preschoolers. The school invited us to come back any time.

For more information about Phoenix Day or the reading event, contact Christina Surrano at


Friday, January 05, 2007

January 2007
Charity Toy Drive and Sale

In January, Arcadia Kids held a used-toy drive and sale, with all proceeds benefiting The Phoenix Children's Hospital. It was a great opportunity to clean out the house and support an important organization at the same time.

The sale raised $550, which was matched dollar-for-dollar by the Roshka family. Additional donations made the total contribution to The Phoenix Children's Hospital $1,153! The check was delivered on January 31 (see photos below).

Thanks to everyone that donated items and spent time advertising, setting up, and running the sale. For more information contact Sherry Roshka at


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